Habakon B-WARRIOR Masturbator

  • Packs a Punch!!

    Bought this for the wife and I to use together. It is smaller than her other one and its just as powerful! Its waterproof and easy to use it also offers a variety of speeds and has a longer handle so that its easier to use when we are together! Soft to the touch and easily cleaned. Comes packaged nicely and as always with Amazon quick delivery time. Great product and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend. Its a quality product and if something happened we would quickly reorder the same device from this Company! Good Vibes!--c.sorensen

  • Provides tremendous relief!!!!!

    This product provides a tremendous amount of relief! I suffer from plantar fasciitis along with flat feet and I’ve searched high and low for a dependable foot massager. This item provides the right amount of pressure needed with 3 great settings (High, medium, low). The kneading setting is just what I’ve been been searching for (it really gets deep in there). The air intensity setting is also great and increases blood flow and helps with blood circulation in the legs and feet (I can’t use the high setting starting off due to it getting too tight), but definitely start at low and work your way up. Very amazing product with great quality, and definitely worth the price. --Neiika

  • Pretty good wand for the price

    This is the most fancy looking wand I own. It feels super expensive in my hand. It has a good weight to it and the silicone is smooth and soft. I especially love the color black with the shiny gold accents.
    Now performance wise it’s okay for a big wand. My big white wand is more powerful but this black one will certainly get the job done for me. The buttons are very easy to understand. There’s a plus sign, a power sign and a minus sign.
    The thing that really threw me for a loop was the charging is some sort of magnetic charging and it isn’t super strong. So be careful if you charge your wand through a drawer like I do because I came back to a dead wand because the magnet wasn’t a super strong hold.--Anonymous